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We Love Shabby!!

camouflage ralph lauren sweater

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City Backlight


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Blonde Ambition

Abition is one of that feeling that you should have to have success in life, but Ambition couldn’t live without passion. Every steps you take without passion result mere pure money arrivisme. This is the message that i like to give you today with this look. A Young Woman plenty of ambition that she care about her work together with her fashion passion. (more…)

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Swimsuit Fever

In the early nineties the Swimsuit was a fashion trend thanks to Baywatch series , simple but sexy unable to outline the curves of the female body. Fashion changed in the last few years and swimsuit become out of fashion  , because the female figure was change, more and more wiry and with less curves to display. The waist has gone down to show the new “tattoo craze belly” and even the classic triangle is reduced. Women believed that with these new bikinis of being more seductive and to support the empowerment of women, unfortunately acting in this way are obtained just the opposite and the excessive commercialization of the female body, the tests can also be seen by turning on the television. Now the wind has changed again and it was back to the fineness of the lines and curves of the body, leaving the rest to the imagination. What do you think of this new trend? (more…)

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The Secret Garden

Recently numerous stylists started adopting flowers as decorative elements for the hairs, among them, Elie Saab and Dolce&Gabbana are the ones that I would mention first. Both designers,  famous as well as diverse between them, decided to leverage on floral accessories to enrich their collections. The trend is the one that we all clearly remind, born during the 60′s and 70′s, during which Hippies were used to wear lace sweaters and flared trousers combined with flower crowns to spread peace around the globe as well as to underline their intimate connection with the earth. Even though flowers can be  very melancholic representing the time that fades inexorably, I thought that these would be a perfect fit for my  ”Romantic-Vintage” outfit. What is your opinion? (more…)

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Clouds on St. Tropez

This is the look that i wore during the weekend in St. Tropez, unfortunately the sun wanted to hide and so i had to change my outfit. I stole the shirt to my boyfriend and than I made a mix&match of the outfit that I had brought with me. I wore a printed roses jeans that i paired with a parka-trench and the Castaner Wedges. Mirror Sunglasses and as accessories the necklace and the bracelet Acquamarina from my collection Viridì. St. Tropez is one of the places I love most, surrounded by a hippie-chic allure that has been made famous by Brigitte Bardot and his sidekick Gigi Rizzi. Happy 1 May to all of you!! (more…)

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