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Un connubio tra Moda e Amore, ciò che tutte sappiamo ma neghiamo ,perchè la verità è dura e fa male

The Perfect Match


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Life is a constant “First Time”


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To Be or not to Be?

Halloween has passed, the masks were worn and thrown away, but the question remains: “To be or not to be or appear or to be ?” I spent Halloween night in a club in Milan where involuntarily I started to observe the behavior of  people next to me. Men and women more or less mature sedated by the fumes of alcohol for a night (hopefully for them) have decided to play another role. It is not the dualism of the people who scare me but the excess, stretched to the limit, the desire to look and not wanting to be. All judge others and no one has ever asked yourself the question of why they act in this way. Why is it better to pretend to be what we are not to fear of being scratched and suffer. Be what we are not, making us perhaps most infallible in the eyes of life? the answer is up to you. (more…)

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My Midnight in Paris

The night is the best moment for me. Thoughts are free without constriction of the daily routine. It’s been two days since I left Paris and sleepless I find myself to relate the black and white photo I took few days ago. Walking around what everyone calls the city of love, I found myself to walk the streets filmed by one of the greatest artists of our time Woody Allen and to immerse myself in a story. We all believe we live in the wrong era. We tend to believe that the past was easier than our present and that the problems of the past were not so huge like the present. I am one of the first that would have given anything to have the opportunity to live in Paris in time of Chanel, Vionnet and Fitzgerald but only a few days ago while walking along the Seine and leafing through old books consumed by the time I get it. I realized that I was in the right age, in the right place at the right time. It ‘was like a bolt from the blue, and I realized that all the mistakes, sacrifices and changes of the road were the right way to my serenity. In life there will always be bad people and envious who will try to take advantage of you and your kindness, who will try to fill your shoes because they are not be able to product shoes  as you did, but once you’ve figured out that you’re on the right track, that all your efforts will be rewarded you just have to keep walking down that street. Paris is a magical city for me, but not for the reasons that all attribute, I have not been in love in Paris but I’m in love with Paris and creativity and tranquility that gives me day after day, random encounter of an evening , the lights that illuminate the city, the palpitations of young lovers who swear eternal love in front of the Eiffel Tower. It will be that when you have the serenity in the heart everything is pink, pink as the celebrated Vie En Rose by the superb Edith Piaf. (more…)

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Discovering New York


New York is so spectacular that I want to share with you not only the moments of fashion week but also the most “touristic” that all of us live every day. On my second day in New York I was able to carve out some time to visit the West side of Manhattan: Central Park, Times Square and Fifth Avenue. Obviously the high heels I’ve abandoned in the hotel and I wore a pair of comfortable shoes with a slight rise. The climate of this city is very variable and is between 15 to 35 degrees from road to road, if you are going to come to this fabulous city will always recommend to wear a sweater when you enter the store as the air conditioning is very strong . Leave the word to the photos that speak for themselves and I escape to another Fashion show ;-) (more…)

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New Just Cavalli Iphone Cover

On Monday, the hectic life has started again. First event among was for the new Just Cavalli cover signed and produced by Puro. The new collection comes in various materials, colors and patterns, from timeless animal up to the mirrored cover. Here you will find some of the models. What do you think? I’ve always had A fever for cover and you?

Right now I’m on a plane that will take me in the fabulous NYC for Fashion Week. Advice on local restaurants are welcome;-) (more…)

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