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The Gaze that makes the difference

Mmissoni summer 2014
Details look:One of my favorite look during the summer are the long dresses, especially for those in lace and more colors to match. (more…)

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The Black and White Allure

stripes skirt zara
Today I propose you a downtown look with a black&white contrast. It’s impossible to create the elegance of these tones with an other kind of colors, also Gabrielle Chanel has used these shades to create her fashion philosophy. (more…)

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Red Instinct

fashion blogger
A rainy day and you think to coma back to the cold season, but what wear to do not disappear in the greyness of the city?
Black base and details of fire as the hat match with shoes, bag and the make up.
Red like the fire that burns inside us when we decide to live in pursuit of our passions.
A stylish look for a day at the office and appointments around the city.
What do you wear during the gloomy days of spring? (more…)

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Catch Fashion if you can

catch fashion if you can
Fashion is constantly changing and keep up with her is not as easy as you might think. With the arrival of new technologies any “fashion victim” can find out what the trends are waiting here for a year, information that once were available  only at the insiders. But this showdown is a good thing or a bad one?
We don’t  risk being swept away by a tsunami of trends mixed together?
Perhaps the anticipation of next collections is just a clever marketing move to try to sell more and more, leaving small space the creativity that should distinguish every stylist? (more…)

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Chanel Shopping Center Fall-Winter 2014/2015

chanel 2.55 bag
During the last Paris fashion week, Chanel presented an innovative fashion show set inside a supermarket. (more…)

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chanel perfection lumiere
Today I introduce you  the new product born in the house Chanel: Perfection Lumiere Velvet, the foundation as a “second skin” that smoothes and evens . (more…)

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