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Happy Birthday to Me!!!


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Feel Elegant&Chic even without High Heels

A pair of High Heels give us a indisputable security. I wore this look to loose my self in the city of love and i can’t wear 15 cm heels to go up and down.  the outfit should never be neglected, and I decided to follow the good rule of the brilliant Yves Saint Laurent today for reasons of “marketing” Yves was beheaded, I think that after this decision, the designer is turning in his grave, but we return to us.  The designer was the first to introduce the Androgynous style, this does it mean a cut smoking jackets for women. From this idea born ​​the first tailleur. In a more modern way  I paired the smoking jacket with a skinny pant and with a over  shirt with a nice inscription: “Sorry for Partying”. The bag is combined with the sunglasses that have the same tones and also the ring and the enamel are perfectly coordinated. The result is a casual chic look for a walk around the city but also for a work days less formal. What do you think? (more…)

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My Midnight in Paris

The night is the best moment for me. Thoughts are free without constriction of the daily routine. It’s been two days since I left Paris and sleepless I find myself to relate the black and white photo I took few days ago. Walking around what everyone calls the city of love, I found myself to walk the streets filmed by one of the greatest artists of our time Woody Allen and to immerse myself in a story. We all believe we live in the wrong era. We tend to believe that the past was easier than our present and that the problems of the past were not so huge like the present. I am one of the first that would have given anything to have the opportunity to live in Paris in time of Chanel, Vionnet and Fitzgerald but only a few days ago while walking along the Seine and leafing through old books consumed by the time I get it. I realized that I was in the right age, in the right place at the right time. It ‘was like a bolt from the blue, and I realized that all the mistakes, sacrifices and changes of the road were the right way to my serenity. In life there will always be bad people and envious who will try to take advantage of you and your kindness, who will try to fill your shoes because they are not be able to product shoes  as you did, but once you’ve figured out that you’re on the right track, that all your efforts will be rewarded you just have to keep walking down that street. Paris is a magical city for me, but not for the reasons that all attribute, I have not been in love in Paris but I’m in love with Paris and creativity and tranquility that gives me day after day, random encounter of an evening , the lights that illuminate the city, the palpitations of young lovers who swear eternal love in front of the Eiffel Tower. It will be that when you have the serenity in the heart everything is pink, pink as the celebrated Vie En Rose by the superb Edith Piaf. (more…)

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Chanel F/W 2013-2014: Karl’s Rocks!!

Chanel has always been one of my favorite maison, namely Gabrielle Chanel was and always will be, my source of inspiration, and be able to attend for the first time  the Paris show was a thrill. Leaving the pleasantries and entering the details Karl brought a young collection, bold and innovative. He wanted to upset the classic tweed jacket, using chains, lifting up the neck and in some models expanding balloon sleeves. The woman of Karl is undoubtedly influenced by the “Rock Mood” cuissards blacks and whites alternating with cleavage chains and Parisian extra long. The “lego” bag in  bag of S/S 2013 collection is revived with tweed inserts, new enty the Globe Bag, the inspiration for a traveler woman . This time Karl wanted to dare much more compared to previous collection, at the historical moment when fashion moves back and becomes more austere, Karl stands out for its contrast that seems me is the winning choice. (more…)

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Fashion and Social could really live together?

Fashion and Social could really live together? Apparently yes, founded in Paris in the 18th arrondissement “Josephine” a beauty salon for all women living in difficult situations. ”Beauty is a right and that often forget about it” is the slogan of her creator, Lucia Iraci that succeeded in this enterprise thanks also to the sponsorship of L’Oreal, Maybelline and Meetic. Maltreated women, here find a shelter, an happy island where  take time for themselves and find the strength to shine their outer beauty, forgotten, like the internal.


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Chanel Miroir Miroir

Peter Philips, Creative Director of Maquillage Chanel has created a video make-up “MIROIR MIROIR” to present the new colors of lipstick Rouge Allure. ”Il ne faut pas etre intimidé par la perfection, le maquillage c’est illusion…” so began the interview with Philips. The Creative Director of the Makeup French maison has clear ideas, the beauty “must be worn” every day, not only on special occasions. What do you think about it?

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