Virginia’s Bio

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Virginia Varinelli

Virginia was born in Milan on the 13th of November.
Virginia’s Fashion Story starts when she was three year’s old and she met her mother’s high heels, from that moment the passion regarding fashion grow up inside Virginia as she become a young woman, but she never thought that her big passion could be her work.
Since she was a child Virginia loved to pair clothes with the right shades of colors, she always find something to o differentiate her self from others as well even when at school she had to wear the apron.
Virginia loves travel around the world because she was used to study In other different countries from the age six year old and thanks to this Virginia now speaks fluently English, French, German and Russian.
Virginia graduated in Economics at the Bocconi University with a very good rating after this she decided to attend a stage in German where she had time to improve better her German and to begin the work carriers.
After Germany Virginia moved to Beijing and than to Shanghai to work for a German Factory as a Public relations and management of customers relationship. Than Virginia moved to Moscow to do the same work but nothing of this work excited Virginia.
So she return in Italy to understand which was her own aim and she return back to her first love: Fashion.

In 2015 she decides to open a new site regarding the Equestrian World where Virginia speaks about the tips and stuffs for the equestrian sport.[/vc_column_text][/thb_border][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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